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Women, Poverty, and the Global Imbalance


In the latest issue of Compassion Magazine the facts on how the global economy looks for women and their chances of advancement. Compassion International as an organization, focuses heavily on women's issues in the countries where they serve and have provided the current statistics.

- 2/3 of the world's illiterate people are women.

- Mortality rates of babies born to mothers with no education are two (2) times higher than babies born to mothers with secondary education or higher.

- 1 year of secondary education increases wages by 25%
- In Latin America, women make up 63% of the two million adults participating in literacy programs.

And here is a critical number, 781 million adults and 126 million youths worldwide lack basic literacy skills, and of these, 60% are females.

When education is a path out of poverty, these are hard numbers to deal with because they mean poverty will continue, especially for women. Many of these people in the third world recognize the value of education, but they lack access for some very basic reasons – but often it is primarily survival. How to survive today, if they have children, how do I feed them and protect them.

One woman, Eduarda, who is now involved in one of Compassion's literacy programs says, “I had always wanted to go to school as a child, I am happy that now I can.” She has been working on her schooling every chance she has, and has attained a third grade education level through her studies. This enables her to help her son Ismael with his first grade homework. And Eduarda is also showing her daughter Haiti that education and perseverance are essential to breaking out of the cycle of poverty which is prevalent in Bolivia.

We take so much for granted in America and have little concept of the realities of genuine poverty and its impact upon so many people, especially women. If you are interested in learning more, check out the new Compassion International website: Or if you want to get involved by giving to one of these important programs, check out: for more information.  

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