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Why We Pray


I have noticed a trend which followed the terrorist attack in Paris. Atheists went online on social media, mocking and degrading Christians for praying. I recognize the hatred toward religion held to by atheists, and I understand their response in some ways. But, this seems to be something which has begun, and now follows every major event like the shooting today in San Bernardino, CA.


So, to our atheist friends and family: We pray and encourage each other to pray for you, not because you necessarily believe in God, but because we believe in God. You can mock us I guess as we seek God on your behalf, it will not stop us from praying to God for you and your situation. We do not encourage each other to have happy thoughts to send out to you because we do not believe our happy thoughts can accomplish anything. Others can do this, and I understand they are doing what they know to do as they face a terrible situation. And that’s fine.


We pray because we believe in a God who can do something. And when we are facing a tragedy like we have seen in Paris or in San Bernardino, CA, we know we can do very little to effect change on our own from all over the country. Our hearts go out to you, we share in your pain. And in response to your tragedy, we do what we know to do, we pray to “the God of all comfort.” (2 Corinthians 1:3) We pray asking God to come alongside of you in your moments of pain and anguish, because He can and does. He weeps with us over the horror of death. (John 11:35) So, yes, we pray and we will continue to pray, even if you mock us. We will continue to reach out to God on your behalf because we care, and we know God cares as well. I hope you will understand.


And now brethren, let us pray to the God of all comfort.

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