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The Gospel is Not for Sale

From the same people who have been bringing you lies, deceit, and bogus promises in the name of Jesus for years – TBN televangelist Paula White recently offered 'Resurrection Life' for $1,144 “seed offering.” Here is what she said,

"There's someone that God is speaking to, to click on that donation button by minimizing the screen. And when you do to sow $1,144. It's not often I ask very specifically but God has instructed me and I want you to hear. This isn't for everyone but this is for someone. When you sow that $1,144 based on John 11:44 I believe for resurrection life,"

The folks at TBN who have long been an embarrassment to the Church and the truth of the gospel, knowing no boundaries when it comes to selling their “Christian” garbage. This has been a problem since they went on the air decades ago. The early church had the same problems we do today with those who would use religion as a means of getting money out of people. The early Church knew what to do about these types of fakes looking to get money out of God’s people. In a first century writing known as the “didache”, there are specific instructions about those who come in the name of Jesus asking for money. Twice we are told in section 11,

11:9 but if he ask money, he is a false prophet.

11:20 And whosoever shall say in the Spirit, Give me silver or anything else, ye shall not listen to him;

I generally try to not pay too close attention to the TBN crowd because there is so much garbage being peddled on a constant basis. But every once in a while they do or say something that crosses a line that goes beyond what I can tolerate, like this. The gospel is not for sale, the work of God in the life of anyone who comes to Him is not for sale!

Ephesians 2:8-9 “For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.”

This is a foundational truth of the Christian faith. The gospel is about the salvation offered to us by God, which is a gift of God – it is not something earned, and it is not something purchased by us since Jesus purchased it with His own blood. What the folks like Paula White, Benny Hinn, and others do and teach is a disgrace to the truth of the gospel. God gave everything, including the life of His only begotten Son, to have you back with Him through Jesus Christ. God has not put a price tag on saving you! God has not put a price tag on working in your life! “You shall not listen to them” wrote the early Church leaders. Can I encourage you? Don’t listen to these folks who play on your fears, hopes, and dreams to benefit themselves. 

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