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The Elections and Faith

I think this will be my last post about the elections before Tuesday, November 8. At fifty-seven, I have seen a lot of elections since I was old enough to vote. Without a doubt, this is the worst election of all of those years – worst candidates, worst national behavior, and the worst media involvement… ever. Like everyone else, I wish I had the silver bullet to convince folks who to vote for, or at least a good answer as to why you should vote for one candidate over another. But honestly, I don’t think Jesus would vote for any of these people. At this point, I think folks should stop with the pretense that one candidate is more “morally correct” to vote for over another. I wish folks would quit justifying the reasons for their choice behind some religious façade for why they are voting for a particular candidate. Let’s be real, the pretense of religiousness in politics, and among the candidates especially, is obvious and sickening – anything to get votes.

So as we come down to the final few days, what I am thinking about has less to do with the election, and more to do with what faith should be concerned with. It will likely not be the end of the world or the salvation of it if Hillary gets elected, and it will not be the salvation of our nation or the end of the world if Trump is. Both of these candidates are the fruit of the condition of the nation, and its governing body. They are the result of what our nation has become, not the coming force. Nations rise and fall, God alone forever sits upon His throne.

So what about faith? When the elections are over – as a Christ-follower, we are left with the same destiny regardless of who enters the oval office. We are called to faithfully follow Christ in a way that aligns with the biblical narrative and not our personal opinions. We are called to be Jesus’ hands and feet in the world around us, even when it is not convenient or enjoyable – and to take the gospel to the ends of the earth, at all costs. It would be unfortunate if our behavior regarding the elections were to interfere with this calling of ours. How you behave today, what you say – all of it can and will affect how well we will be able to fulfill our calling in Christ. I can’t change what some national Christian leaders have said, neither can you. But we, all of us, can be what God would want us to be – lights in a dark world whose darkness is getting darker. 

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