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Some thoughts on the World Congress of Families IX


I have been contemplating my week at the World Congress of Families IX; the various issues which were raised, the resources which were made available, and the people I had the chance to talk to and interact with from all over the world. It really was quite a week, a very encouraging week in fact.

I went to the event thinking about our nation and the problems we are facing regarding the traditional family, and the moral decay which is growing all around us. It was interesting then to discover in conversations with people at the conference who are engaged in the battle over these things, that other nations are confused by the actions of the U.S. with recent policy changes away from our historic traditional family values. In the past we have been among those in the world who had led in these issues on family, now we have become an enigma to the world. An example of this would be a recent visit by president Obama to Kenya where he tried to push his agenda upon the Kenyan government and people. The leaders of Kenya politely rejected his agenda, and made it clear they wanted nothing to do with it.

Our national policy changes run contrary to known research and science about human flourishing, the economic realities of nations, and moral degradation which arise from such policy changes. It was strange for me to discover that UN delegates from Egypt who are Muslims, would be among the leaders advocating for the family, while the U.S. is running contrary to these policies. Yet, here we are heading down a road which will only end badly for us as a nation.

Despite this though, I was encouraged. Encouraged because all of the science and research supports the traditional family. Encouraged because I met some incredibly intelligent people from different parts of the world and from varying religions, who are engaged on all levels of society, including at the U.N. where they work with delegates from all nations providing materials and research to help the delegates advocate for the family on the floor of the U.N. I have a copy of one such report, and it is exciting to see such brilliant work. No, I do not pin my hope in political processes for the salvation of America, let alone the situation of the world. Christ is my hope, nothing else. Yet, until Jesus comes for His people, we are living here and are to engage here. It is great to see I can stand alongside some great minds who refuse to accept a political and social agenda that destroys the family, places children at risk, and leaves any nation on unstable ground.

I Chronicles 12:32 “Of the sons of Issachar, men who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do, their chiefs were two hundred; and all their kinsmen were at their command.”

We have available to us some brilliant minds who are producing some incredible resources. It is time to set down all of the ugly rhetoric of social media, and focus on real facts, and hold intelligent conversations. God help us to do so.


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