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Ordinary to Extraordinary

When I was in high school playing football, I learned about the Green Bay Packers. It was during the days when Vince Lombardi was coaching the team. Lombardi had a theory. He would train his men on the fundamentals until they could do them in their sleep, and this would make it possible to win games. Other teams and coaches were training their players on fancy and complicated plays or defensive tactics, but Lombardi would just keep drilling his team with the same stuff day in and day out. Some of his more aggressive players like Ray Nitschke hated him for it, until they started winning games. They won a lot of games, two consecutive Super Bowls in fact.

Because his players lived and breathed the game fundamentals, it didn’t matter what their opponents did, they had an automatic response to everything. There was a muscle memory in place for them, as well as a mental memory that had all been worked to the point they reacted and acted without little thought as they played the game. You see, you can’t sidestep the ordinary, it is the fundamentals that make the extraordinary possible. Great players know the fundamentals, whether this is a football player or a musician, it is the basics that take you to the amazing.

In the Bible there is a phrase you read, “Paul’s custom…” and it is the same for all of the apostles.

Acts 17:2 “And according to Paul's custom, he went to them, and for three Sabbaths reasoned with them from the Scriptures,”

The apostles had developed some habits of life, some fundamentals or basics of the faith in their everyday lives. Studying the scriptures was second nature to them, prayer was second nature to them, and being among the community of God’s people was their habit of life. This firm foundation was in place, and it made it possible to do the extraordinary when God moved. If you are hoping to see God move in your life in greater ways, you must develop some basics of the faith as well. There is no sidestepping the ordinary if you want to see the extraordinary take place when it comes to faith. Look at the Bible, Old and New Testament, the men and women God used were people who were already committed to God and following in faith when God called them. When the apostles in Acts 6 told the church to find some men to serve, they said to look for “men of reputation,” men who were already known for doing God’s will.

Everybody wants to be a rock star, but only the people who play their guitars until their fingers hurt ever become truly good. It is the same with faith. Do the ordinary, the basics of the faith, and do this until you are engulf by the life of faith God intended – and then watch to see what God will do. It will be extraordinary! 

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