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It is not going to be the politicians

As we continue to move on in the election season, the level of animosity and anxiety continues to grow. Because we are currently a two-party system for the most part, folks have chosen up sides and are treating each other like the enemy. Both sides can only imagine the worst of the other, and the public display of hatred is growing. As a pastor, I am particularly troubled by those folks who call themselves Christians who are joining in on this ugly behavior, embarrassed and ashamed at times even.

Long after the election is over, we have to live with each other. Long after the election, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will still be extremely rich, while the majority of the rest of us will continue struggling to pay bills, raise our families, and be Americans. Little will have changed for the candidates, except they will have traveled all over the country on someone else’s dime, talking and making promises they can’t keep. We will not be suddenly richer, better looking, and happier after the election.

If you are counting on the politicians to rescue this nation, you are looking in the wrong direction. They are a primary reason for the problems, not a solution. It is the politicians who have created the obscene mess through foolish public policies and party line agendas we see in Washington D.C., and in each of our troubled states. But, ultimately, because we live in what was supposed to be a constitutional democratic republic, it is our own fault for allowing these people to remain in power.

As it was, and as it will be, change will only take place because the nation rises up and does what is necessary. The candidates are not going to come to your house and do homework with your children; that is something you have to do as the parent. You have to demand the schools perform better, and get involved so the teachers have a chance to do better. The plague of “fatherlessness” in America is not going to be solved because of the government, it is going to be solved by a change in culture within each community which demands men behave like men, and take responsibility for themselves and the family they are accountable for. The crime problem is not going to be solved because some politician passes a law, it is going to change when the complex problems of poverty, lack of education, joblessness, and personal integrity are dealt with. This takes whole communities, not some politician.

As a pastor, I know God created us in His image, and although we are a broken image of the Almighty because of sin, we are still capable of doing some good. People demonstrate this every day. So I would not give up on a change for the better. I just would not count on the politicians to be the next savior of the nation – we have a couple of centuries of proof they will likely make things worse. As it was in the beginning of this nation, it is in the hands of the people. As a pastor, I would exhort Christ followers to act like it, and stop behaving badly. I would exhort you to instead engage in your community to make things better – you carry a real answer in Christ. Speak out, pray, get involved, and vote.

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