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Fatal Shooting at Planned Parenthood Facility

It has not been a great day for humanity today, this day following Thanksgiving. There have been fist fights and scuffles in malls over Black Friday deals, which behaviors are never indicative of the best humanity can offer. But there have been fatal shootings in more than one part of the country today as well. And it is one of these fatal shootings which is particularly sad to me.


Colorado Springs, Colorado today suffered a gunman entering a Planned Parenthood facility and shooting several people, killing three. The gunman has been arrested, and we do not know his motives at this point. Since the 70s, there has been less than ten people killed over the issue of abortion in the United States, but every one of them were cruel and mindless acts by someone who has claimed a deep concern for the babies being murdered by the abortionists. There is always this justification in the minds of these people who are mentally deranged enough to commit such violent acts. But this is not a justifiable act, it is criminal and unwarranted.


As a Christian, there is little which could be further from the manner of life expected from anyone who would follow Jesus. So I grieve for the people who have been killed and wounded, as well as the families of these people, and I pray for them. I grieve that the nation should have to witness and emotionally deal with such a heinous crime. God help us

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