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An Unquenchable Fire

Leviticus 6:12-13  “but the fire which is on the altar must be kept burning on it. It must not be extinguished. So the priest must kindle wood on it morning by morning, and he must arrange the burnt offering on it and offer the fat of the peace offering up in smoke on it. 13 A continual fire must be kept burning on the altar. It must not be extinguished.”

It was here the peace offering was to be brought and sacrificed; the burnt offerings being the greatest of those brought before God. It was through the peace offering, Israel was able to maintain relationship with God, and thereby make it possible for the Lord to safely travel with them at all times. Their sin could prohibit God’s presence, indeed, put them all at risk because of the holiness of God. God, rather than have this risk without an answer, provides the fire.

Of this fire, God demands they keep the fire burning. It was to be an unquenchable fire, for this is of the heart of God toward us. He is always gracious, always ready to receive us, if we but come through the peace offering to Him. Jesus, our Offered One is this for us, and it is Jesus who stands as the unquenchable fire for all who would believe. God stands ready, Jesus burns as the reminder of the gracious love of God toward us all. 

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