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A Shortstop Philosophy on Life

The life of a baseball shortstop exists somewhere on the infield between the second and third basemen. It is a fast-paced world where you seldom are standing in one place for very long. If you are not fielding a ball, you’re covering a base, if you are not covering a base, you are backing someone up on the field, and if you are on the bench waiting to go back on the field, you are cheering your team on.

Our lives as Christ-followers are lived in a similar manner, somewhere between heaven and earth, it is fast-paced and often demanding. Something is always coming our way, and we need to be prepared for whatever that ends up being. If we are not at work, we are at home, if we are not at home, we are at church – and in each place we find ourselves, we should be an active participant. And if we are currently not directly involved in some form of service to the saints, or the world around us, we should be cheering on those who are!

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